Kenny and Donna Johnson Reference Page

     Kenny and Donna Johnson are superbly talented songwriters and singers. Their anointing coupled with their ability will bless you. This uplifting complication seasoned with songs of hope, love, compassion, and Grace will bring a smile to your face and put a tap in your toes. They are a talented couple with a heart for God and a flair for vintage Southern Gospel that will make you keep hitting the play button over and over.
Mark Foster
Lead Pastor
The Pentecostals of the Twin Cities

     Just a few short months ago, Kenny and Donna came to our church for the first time. Everybody fell in love with them and their ministry. Since that time, it has been my privilege to talk with them many times about their music ministry in particular. When I heard this new recording, it confirmed everything that I already knew. This couple is anointed by God and I believe that we are seeing God unfold their rose right before our very eyes. I am so excited about the doors of opportunity awaiting them when people begin to hear this anointed and blessed recording!
Love and prayers,
Tammy Dunaway

“I know thy works; thine heart hath been an open book which my spirit hath read.”

     I want to thank Kenny and Donna for the privilege of being part of their lives. Donna worked with my late husband, Rev. George Bostic and me for some 20 years. She provided anointed music and singing for the three churches we built, nursing homes, prison ministries and street services. Now God has proved His anointing year after year, song by song in Kenny and Donna’s ministry. With edifying songs and soul winning services there is no telling where God will take these two.

     I know God must be as pleased as we are to watch them grown in His wisdom. Listen and enjoy.
Sister Billie (Mama) Bostic

     The first time I heard the Johnson’s sing I watched in amazement as people of all ages rejoiced with excitement. The young, middle-aged, and elderly were inspired to connect with God.

     In a day and hour when many songs crossover and so many artists promotes themselves, Kenny and Donna Johnson’s music creates a comfortable habitation for the presence of the Lord which is the sole purpose for music in the church.

      Their songs have a message that will inspire you to engage in a true worship experience. They love God…they love people…they love music…and it shows.
Dedie Cooley
TBC/Lufkin Tx. Music Instructor
National Worship Instructor

      Since being introduced to Kenny and Donna Johnson a few years ago, our lives have not been the same.
Their singing talent alone is phenomenal, but when you combine that with Bro. Johnson’s song writing ability and add the anointing of God, you have REVIVAL on your hands; it’s just that simple! We have been blessed by their presence on many occasions, and make this at least an annual occurrence in our church. We have never had “ordinary church” with the Johnson’s because they feel time is too short for that.

      We consider it a blessing and privilege to know Kenny and Donna Johnson.
David Hutchins
Apostolic Lighthouse
Dardanelle, AR.